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GT 400 amalgam from Global Dental Trading Ltd.
A hight copper admixed alloy available in capsules and powder. Our new capsule design for optimized amalgamation and safe use.

GT 400 high copper admixed alloy


  • Ag: 43%
  • Sn: 32%
  • Cu: 25%

Physical properties
Compressive strength

  • 1h: 178 MPa
  • 24h: 460 MPa
  • Static creep: 0,35%
  • Dimensional change 24h: +0,08%

Working time

  • Condensing: 3,5 – 5 min.
  • Carving & burnishing: 7 – 10 min.
GT 400 available in

A new capsule design to secure a tight capsule with optimized amalgamation. Pre dosed and color coded for exact and easy handling.

  • Spill 1, Yellow capsule
    (400mg alloy + 400 mg mercury)
  • Spill 2, Green capsule
    (600mg alloy + 600 mg mercury)
  • Spill 3, White capsule
    (800mg alloy + 800 mg mercury)
  • Spill 5, Orange capsule
    (1200mg alloy + 1200 mg mercury)

Packings: 50-pack (plastic bag) and 500-pack (plastic bottle)


A well balanced alloy for quality fillings.
Ratio alloy : mercury, 1:1
Packings: 31g, 100g and 250g, bottles.


Global brands

Amalgam capsules “GT” from Global Dental Trading Ltd.

Private label

Amalgam capsules, using mercury sachets, capsules and alloy from Global Dental Trading Ltd. Delivered upon agreement.


Amalgam capsules using mercury sachets and capsules from Global Dental Trading Ltd. Delivered in bulk or upon agreement.

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